Privacy Policy

At Mynigo, we respect your privacy and retain your trust in us. That is why we have implemented some privacy policies for our website users. This page outlines the data collected by us, the way of collecting the data, and the purpose of our data collection. It also informs you about the way of communicating with us for any query. Mynigo encourages you to go through this page to know the details of our Privacy Policy.

Data collected by our team

Mynigo collects different types of information about our website users. The basic data, gathered by us, are-

Your personal details– These details are related to a person using our website. They are useful for identifying the person who is browsing through our site.

Information about your device and the internet connection– We need to know about the device that you use to use our services. Our team also collects details of your website usage.

We track these details while you interact with us. Mynigo mostly collects information during your login through the social media site and our login interface.

Our platform collects some information automatically through web beacons, cookies and other tracking systems.

Data collection using our technologies

Our automatically-collected information includes details about your devices used to access our website. Although you have not registered with our site, we can still collect this information.

·         Usage data- This data includes traffic details, time zone, location data, language preference, logs, and some other communication-related data.

·         Device-related information- These details include data about your mobile device, computer, and internet connection. Moreover, we can collect details about your Operating Systems, IP address, platform, connection speed, and browser type.

·         Stored files- Our technologies access some other details related to files saved in your device. For instance, they can include your personal contacts, address book, and audio-video clips.

·         URLs visited- We can track the website URL where you have visited last time before accessing our site.

·         Your activity- We collect details about your activities on our website- It includes your comments, number of clicks, the chosen search results, search queries, and the pages viewed.

Other data that you provide to Mynigo

We collect some other service-related information

·         Your account details- Your name, email address, password, user ID, postal code, and other details- We may collect them through your third-party sign-in systems, including Google Plus and Facebook.

·         Your content- It is about your shares, likes, comments, favorites, and other contact details.

·         Your preferences and settings, stored in third-party sites, including language and time zone.

·         Your browsing details- We track how much time you have spent on our website.


When you have left a comment on our platform, you need to provide your name and email address. Our cookies save them automatically, and you do not need to input them every time you make comments. Those cookies can last for a year.

By creating an account and logging in to this website, you will use our temporary cookies to let us identify your acceptance of these cookies. However, while you have closed the browser, the cookie will not retain your personal data.

When you have logged into our website, we set up other cookies to store your login details and other information.

While you have edited and published a blog, a different cookie will save it in your browser. In this case, the cookie does not hold your personal information.

Data security

At Mynigo, we have taken the right measures to ensure that your personal data is safe with us. We have implemented industry-standard security technologies to prevent access to unauthorized persons. As we have learned about the sensitivity of your data, we maintain its security. Our website has the best technology to collect, process, and save your data.

Our team assume no responsibility and liability for your personal data disclosure due to technical errors during data transmission. The activities of third parties are not under our control. However, you have a role in securing your personal details. You must not share them with others.

How do we use your data?

We can disclose some of your personal details for legal purposes and other needs. We can share the data with our subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, and advertisers. It may also be essential to share it with third parties that are engaged in marketing activities for our services.

Mynigo can share your personal data for legal reasons to prevent, investigate, and take legal steps against illegal activities. In some other circumstances, we can have your consent to share your personal data. We ensure that we do not use your data for any unlawful purpose.

Amendment to our policy

We have rights to changing our policies anytime. Thus, we request you to check out this page on Privacy Policy to use our site without concerns.