Terms & Condition

Thanks for visiting this page to read our Terms & Conditions of Mynigo. Mynigo is the owner and operator of this website. Throughout this website, we have used terms, like we, our, and us to indicate the team behind Mynigo. As one of the users of our website, we request you to go through our T&Cs and policies.

You have to agree to our terms and conditions to continue using our website. When you have not acknowledged our T&Cs, we prevent you from using our site.

Use of Service

The software and technology, used for this website, is an asset that belongs to Mynigo only. Users must not transfer, modify, copy, and distribute the technologies applied for this site. They have to abide by copyright rules, restrictions, and information present on our website. Moreover, they must not delete and falsify proprietary and legal designations.

Timeliness and accuracy of information

We have no responsibility for the accuracy of information presented on our website. Our website material is only for general purpose. You must not rely on it fully for any reason. You should not focus only on our information to make decisions while consulting with professionals. However, we try our best to provide you with the right data. Your reliance on our website material will be at your risk.

Our website may contain some historical data that is provided basically for your reference. We have rights for amending our website content anytime. However, you should know your responsibility for checking out those changes to this website.

Modifications to prices

Mynigo is an affiliate’s website and we inform you about prices as shown in the eCommerce platform. We have no control over the price of the product reviewed by us. Moreover, we are also not liable to the discontinuation of any third-party service and product.

Omissions and errors

Occasionally, you may encounter some typographical errors, although our writers try their best to provide you with the best content.  We also omit some parts of product descriptions, offers, promotions, pricing information, and availability.

At Mynigo, we have rights to managing errors and omissions to provide you with updated information. We may do these modifications without sending prior notice to our users. That is why we request you to go through our T&Cs regularly to know about any adjustment done to our site.

Prohibited uses

We prohibit you from using the content

  • For the unlawful purpose
  • For soliciting others from doing unlawful acts
  • For violating our intellectual property rights
  • For harassing, abusing, insulting, defaming and discriminating others based on gender, religion, age, race, and national origin
  • For misleading others
  • For tracking others’ personal information

Besides, you must not use our website for immoral and obscene purposes. Mynigo has legal rights to prevent you from using our website and availing our services.

Some services and products available through our site include materials from different third parties. Thus, we have inserted third-party links to our site. We have no liability to check the content in those third-party platforms. Our company has no responsibility for damages and harm caused for buying goods and services from those websites. Thus, you need to make transactions at your own risk.

User-created content

As a user, you will be solely responsible for the content posted by you on our site. The service includes the ability to make comments, post reviews and give feedback. Myngo has no control over the content posted by any user. However, we have rights for deleting, editing, and moving messages and comments. After the submission of any content, users have to agree that they have obeyed our rules.

Statute of Limitations

Mynigo and its users agree to the fact that any conflict arising out of the use of services and products. Otherwise, there will be a permanent discontinuation of services.


By accessing our website, you have to agree to our T&Cs, and it is your legal responsibility to acknowledge our agreements. We work with different agencies, and our materials are protected with copyright and trademark laws. Our subscribers have no right to copy, modify, reproduce, upload, transmit, republish, and distribute any content from this website.

Thus, read this page of Terms and Condition, when you are using our website for any purpose.